Converting Classic Theme to Blocks Theme – Adding Block Styles

Converting Classic Theme to Blocks Theme – Adding Block Styles

I got a challenge to convert a WordPress Website I made with a custom theme over

6 years

ago. However, in the “short span of years”, WordPress has integrated the block editor aka Gutenberg into core; and the client is enjoying editing the posts where the block experience is enabled. However, the other website parts are using the classic editor.

I have since started the challenge and you can follow along with me in the journey to transform your Classic Theme into a sleek and modern Blocks Theme with this step-by-step video guide!

First, we’ll take a look at the old ways of styling, such as

  • using HTML & CSS classes
  • utilizing buttons from extending the TinyMCE API in core.

Then, I’ll show you the new and improved way of doing it with Block Styles.

In this video, learn how to

  • convert your old Custom post type for a seamless Block Editor Experience,
  • discover how to use the default Block Editor Styling options,
  • Register new Block Styles,
  • enqueue new Block styles CSS assets to give your site editing experience a professional look and cleaner implementation.

Upgrade your skills and take your WordPress site to the next level!

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